Top 4 types of popular and regular hair ties

There are different types of hair ties that all serve the same basic function of keeping hair pulled back and away from your face. When choosing a hair tie, make sure that whatever ties you choose will not tug at or pull your hair, which causes hair breakage. Among the different types of hair ties, there are two main designs of hair ties: either elastic based or non-elastic based. From your oversized scrunchies for sleeping to your thin headbands for working out, the followin

3 Best Hair Ties for Every Hair

Hair coils, this hair tie is a bit of a legend. TPU material, eco friendly, popular for every one. The unique spiral shape allows for a strong hold without any fuzz or kinks. Plain hair elastics, 2mm and 4mm diameter to suit thin or thick hair, these silk bands are perfect for fragile, fine hair because they won’t pull out any loose strands and prevent future breakage. Velvet scrunchies, the soft velvet won’t leave any dents in your already-weakened hair and your stick-straig