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11 Steps to Start Small Business in 2023

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Are you a student? Are you a housewife? Or are you a man? Do you want to start your own business? #Hisum shares you some steps.

1, Know your interest.

When you love something, which is the aim you can achieve.

2, Market research.

You should know which products can sell well and where are your customers.

3, Choose a business name.

It is better about your products. You should know what story of your business is.

4, Register your business.

No matter which country you are, you need to register.

5, Develop products.

Search keywords through google/Yandex to enter website, and select supplier one by one.

Take a example, if you want to sell hair accessories, then search hair accessories china manufacturer, then you see many options in google page.

6, Select good suppliers.

You succeed half if you have a strong product supporter. Hisum can give you professional advice about products and package if you want to sell hair accessories.

7, Create your website.

Wheter you sell online or not, website is a must for your customers to know you, then you don't need to tell one by one.

8, Upload your products.

Take photos of different angle to demonstrate your products, and write description accordingly.

9, SEO optimized.

You need to learn some SEO knowledge, or hire a professional person.

10, Internet ideas.

It is easier to sell your products online and attract customers minds, and create your own IP.

11, Use social media.

Marketing on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest YouTube. You should have some knowledge to take photos, edit videos.

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