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How do you wear your hair when you drive?

How do you wear your long hair when you drive? Do you ever consider which hair accessories is more safe?

We are sure you ever seen some reports about safety of hair accessories. We have learning some reports through internet for your reference. News 1, Natelie Kate, a trainee nurse, has previously reiterated her warning to all "claw girls" after receiving a horrible warning from a doctor she worked with. The doctor advised her not to wear the clip while driving because he had seen girls with clips on their skin. "I will never wear it when driving again" Natelie said. News 2, Amrita Panda, a reporter of Women Planet, is also spreading words about danger of bobby pins when driving. She explained that she was struck by a bicycle while walking on the sidewalk, and fell backwards, hitting her head on the clips she was wearing.

Women recommend that other clips users try using flexible hair ties and hair bands, or just let their hair down when driving.

If you are used to wearing a ponytail while driving, we definitely recommend this NEW launch 5.5cm/2.1 inch coil hair tie from Hisum Accessories for a great looking ponytail.

It is the BEST HAIR TIE FOR YOUR LONG HAIR no matter wherever you are or whatever you do. We offer OEM service, you can customize your own colors to meet your market.

Hisum plastic coil hair ties are gentle on your hair, which is smooth plastics and spiral construction helping to preventing from tangling and hair breakage when you remove them.

Smart ladies, contact Hisum immediately to start your private lable business.

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