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3 TOP Hair Styles in this Sping and Coming Summer

Make perfect hair styles using below hair accessories

Have you notice claw clips are now making a comeback? Claw clips are one of the easiest ways to pull your hair back and get it out of your neck in a hot day. While these claw clips tend to work best on fine or medium length hair, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you're sure to find one that's right for you. Try these cute floral hair claws for the look featured here or these clips for thick hair.

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Most people shy away from pigtails while they get older, but we think this hairstyle can be cute and fashionable when done right. Do you love messy look with tendrils and cute hair accessories at the base of each braid? The trick is to use suitable hair accessories to keep the braids a little messy and not combed back.

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When you think of braids, you probably think of the little blonde girl in "Matilda," but grown-ups can also wear braids in some pretty amazing ways. For something super trendy, opt for bubble braids in the form of braids using pearl knot hair elastics. You will find it screams "festival chic," and you don't actually have to go to a festival.

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