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 HAIR TIES Manufacturer
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Hisum is quality and social audited, providing OEM services, we make your ideas come true. With more than 28 years experience in hair accessories field, you receive quick response, professional solutions and smooth communication.

Hisum accessories hair tie manufacturer


Customized service for any hair elastics, contact us, you can receive our solutions.

Hisum hair accessories scrunchies

Local/Online stores

OEM service for hair ties.

Contact us for details.

Hisum hair accessories spiral hair ties

Gift/Marketing companies

Customized for hair accessories. Send us your program and intentions, you get our solutions.  

Hisum accessories clients-dck
Hisum hair ties clients
Hisum hair ties clients
Hisum clients babyliss
Hisum accessories BO paris
Hisum hair band clients

Our Clients Say

Hisum client good comment
"Sales have improved on your products......, good quality always gets good results.
I really enjoy working with you."

George, CEO

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